Social integration skills for newly arrived migrants and refugees through social stories scenarios enacted using European Cultural heritage sites and near-peer Role Models

Following the unprecedented inflow of refugees and migrants in mid 2015 and as the reception procedures have relatively stabilised, Europe is currently facing the challenge of integrating the new comers into the receiving societies. Social integration and social inclusion, especially for migrants and refugees, is a complex and multidimensional process, as the vast majority come from a totally different socio economic and cultural background. Furthermore, integration is considered a two-way process and can only be successfully pursued by migrants and refugees when the host society is open and inclusive in its orientation towards cultural diversity (Berry, 1997).

Inclusiveness means that refugees should be provided with equal access to housing, health care, education, training and employment.

The proposed project seeks to support these new comers by providing them a user-friendly tool that will assist them in their effort to become familiar with the new circumstances so as develop their ability to create social connections and eventually integrate.



The main goal of “EUFAST” project is to reach out migrants and refugees, train them in country specific  aiming at their fast integration, culture awareness and active participation in the society....








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